Hi! I’m Maxime, an indie consultant and analyst having fun in the creative industries.

I’ve always been passionate with media. How — and, most importantly, why — it is discovered, consumed, shared, remixed, and shared again. Technology is upending both the how and the why, and I’m writing about it all as it happens.

What you’ll find here

Recreations is a newsletter about the intersection of media, technology, and culture.

In it, I follow my curiosity to highlight the trends, companies, and initiatives driving these industries forward.

Some examples of what I like to write about:

  • I've produced three annual reviews of Media & Entertainment Tech. These reports have been read by hundreds of investors and executives at companies like Unity, Riot Games, Meta, Sapphire Ventures, betaworks, and many others.

  • If you’re into strategy, you’ll like my deep dives into Wattpad, the fan fiction platform turned entertainment giant, and Spitfire Audio, the coolest music company you’ve never heard of.

  • If you’re into branding, I recommend my deep dive into Netflix’s approach to partnerships.

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Get in touch

Recreations is meant to spark conversations. If my writing resonates with what you’re working on and you think I can help you and your company, feel free to reach out.

You can find me LinkedIn, Twitter (increasingly rare these days) and at hi@maximeyraud.com. You can also direct-respond to any individual email you’ll get from me.

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Exploring the intersection of media, technology, and culture.


Indie consultant and analyst. Exploring media, technology, and culture. Writing in slow motion at recreations.substack.com.